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Gordon Enderson

Street Wisdom

Spiritual and philosophical guide for explorers of mind, body and soul
First to my granny Milica; I will look after them, don’t worry! 

For my family, closer and wider, to make them proud!

To good old friends and warriors whom are not among us anymore, that they can read from the heaven!
To my today’s friends and warriors that are still here!
For my students!
To all people of open mind and great hart!
Authors note

All of these street wisdoms are coming from real life, from real human experience, from real fights and wars, from real street fights! Street wisdom will help you to stay alive, happy and healthy! Open your hart, mind and use this wisdom in both physical and mental sense! Street wisdom is raw, efficient and brutal, but and fine to! All of my battles, that I was in, were the battles for you, to help you, people of our planet! Most efficient way of help is this book! To understand that, read it every day! It will help you beyond your imagination!

Sometimes in the book you will find IS sign, which means Instinctive Self-defense!

The use of word MAN in the text does not mean a male, I use it as an equivalent for women, men’s, and children’s, all of mankind!

Zagreb, Croatia, 2010!


Street Wisdom
No surrender 

The questions 
Skills and art
To help 
Every day 
Your way 
Good and evil 
Mother of street wisdom 
No fear – no bravery 
Indomitable spirit
Light and life 
Beyond life 
Universal wisdom 

B e g i n n i n g

There once was a solider! He was very special solider, very dangerous, very capable, best of the best! He did many undercover special tasks, but besides all of that, he was good, honest man! Not so long ago in some war in some country, he found himself in no way out situation; he has to conduct the war which was neither his war nor righteous war! He was forced to be an aggressor and enemy of the people of this small Republic! 

One day the all hell is breaking loose, he was surrounded, no way out; his army was fortified but completely cut off from food, water, electricity…! When dark fall bullets starts to swirl through the air, laser scopes are finding the targets, heavy assignments for the bests, unnoticed getaways to save other surrounded officers and army officials, saving families of some important peoples, helicopter extractions, sniper jobs and many spec ops warfare!

Situation was complicated and dangerous, enemy army from outside, aggressor army from the inside! He didn’t want to kill innocent people because they defend their country, to surrender, he could not, the clash was too intense, his side would kill him for that, run away was no option at the moment; he will be shot from both sides, because there was no forgiveness’ from either sides! He was a great fighter and he swung in this war like a shark in the ocean!

About him in his country nobody did know anything, some people are heard that he is dead, that he is now on the aggressor side forever, that he is chief in command of aggressors army! Evil thongs are started to work with all bull gossips! But none of it was true! To his family these days were very hard, to not know where is their son, brother, grandson!

What to do now, how to be not engaged anymore and to stay alive and not to kill for politicians! He was trained special force solider, trained to survive almost anything but it was not his special forces training, that saved his life, no it was a pure universal wisdom!

Luckily for all of us this solider was an Master and the true student of the Ways of the Martial Arts, and in that Way he learned a lot and he fought lots of battles with life, people and real attackers even he so young! In the heat of the pressure and fights he did remember one of the lessons of the Way: “When you are faced with abyss from both front and back, best thing to do is just to sit and wait! That is exactly what he was doing; he didn’t run away in the heat of the battle, he didn’t make the wrong step in the wrong time! He did “sit and wait”, and survive! He did follow the wisdom that he learned before and literally wait for his chance!

One month after he make this decision, the war clashes was over, but danger from within started to emerge! This aggressor’s army attacked his country now, so for him it wasn’t safe stay anymore! Soon he was back at home, with a million dollar smile on his face! No one knew how he was get there, from where and how, he just came! His family was thrilled! At his home another war was waiting for him and of course he did defend his country along with his family and many brothers in arms, many common people, and many of them are not here any more, but he is!

In this war he was a pillar of wisdom and security for all of his fellow citizens, and he did saved lives of many people many times! I was around him a lot in those days, helped him in some actions, and he did save my neck a few times! Many people will see him and will not recognize his uniqueness’ and his abilities! It is interesting that he is always showing up in some places where someone needs help! Of course, he is no ordinary man; he is a warrior, fighter, Martial Artist, the priest of the Martial Art Ways, who only strives for peace, kindness and goodness!

In the meanwhile he did disappear again without a trace for my perspective, I don see him any more! His last words to me were: “Study wisdom always, it will save your life and living, write about it, let the world know, write for people not for yourself! That day I was 24! From that day till now wisdom saved my life many times, yes my life because I live intense!

Street Wisdom

Street wisdom has a goal to transform ordinary everyday human beings in to a warrior, fighter and spiritually enlightened human being! To stress that many times in this book the word warrior or fighter will be used! It is important to comprehend our – human struggle against bad things, our own negativity and fight against evil that is around us all!

By studying street wisdom you will be a warrior and a fighter, but not because physical fighting, because of spiritual, mental and intellectual battle against the bad self and bad influences! Physical fight is simple and physical abilities alone don’t lead anybody to the true enlightening!

In today time the world of violence, corruptness and immorality is all around us, it is hard to stay normal, healthy and not under negative influence of our surroundings! You are starting to become a warrior that first moment when in your favorite crowd someone says: “Here take a joint!” And you answer: “No, no, thank you, that first moment when you say no for drugs, alcohol, or violence when you are at your way back home from school, or at the party or wherever, that is first moment when you are started to become a warrior!

Warrior you shall become when you say no to the suppression, violence, neglect, when you are standing on the side of the weaker, when you just see the easy way and when everything is against you and you still say no I will never let go, I will follow my own path of honesty and goodness! Enlightening and understanding of things, relations and the world is not possible if you did not become a Warrior!


No surrender
State of “No Surrender” is something that every warrior has to nourish, no matter that sometimes everything is all up against you! 

No surrender, no surrender, no surrender, never surrender! 

When hardness and problems are squeezing, don’t despair, calm down, find nice place, alone, and start to consider and think about solutions! Wait for good moment, do not rush in to disaster and work on the solution! I beg you do not despair, because this leads to surrendering, and then you shall fall down!

There are no unsolvable problems in life; you just have to understand that solution might not be in your favor! 

When enemy press you in no way out situation, do not care for that, enjoy the moment, enjoy the fight and do not stand down till you can move your limbs! 

To surrender now, so that you can live after is no option for a true warrior, that life after is no life, it is best way to become a zombie! 

To the last breathe! Certain victory! 
Spirit of a warrior always wins, so there is no purpose in surrender!

Disease is no option, there is no surrender, and there is no illness! 

Old age is no excuse; remember: no surrender, no excuse! 
I am too old, I am getting older - I cant, I am too old – I can’t! 
You can do everything, everything, but only if there is no surrender!

Your health is broken – no excuse, find the cure and heal yourself, fight, do not surrender, if you do, it is like that you are already dead! 

Main words of guidance in the life of a warrior are: NO SURRENDER! 

No surrender, no pain, no fear, no nothing! When you achieve all of this for every day, you are a perfect warrior! But do not consider this as a fighting against other humans; consider to achieve this in every moment of your life! 

When people surrender evil rules! Ask yourself, do you want this for your love ones, or for yourself! It is easier to surrender and let the faith swirl you, yes, and it is hard to endure and fight not knowing the outcome! It is all clear to me, but warrior always goes on the hard way, always the hard way! If it is to easy there is no fun!

The true enlightened person has to avoid self- indulgent. 

No matter how much you practice, no matter how good, strong, capable, quick, trained, wise, smart and great you are, do not make mistake and become self likened! 

Self like is the greatest mistake of all mistakes in life, because we do not act wise and careful, we act sloppy and carelessly! 

Way do I tell you this? Because, if this happens you will get hurt, hurt badly and maybe fatal, before you know it, and that is no option for a true warriors, to get hurt because our own stupidity and carelessness! 

Always think and be a step in front of events in which you participate, even if it is cooking coffee in the morning! You have to achieve consciously - unconsciously wakens in every moment and you have to act with your full potential always! This is only way to become a true warrior who will not fall in a trap of his own egoism! 

Further, keep your modesty and humility, no matter how important you are in your society or in your eyes, still you are a just a simple human, and there is no man/woman who is untouchable, irreplaceable and invincible! 

That kind of thoughts (me above all else) lead you in to the self likeness’ from the beginning of the chapter and to your neglect and sloppiness and you will get hurt in life problems and events! 

Yes you will get hurt, because that thinking will lead you in to the carelessness and your mind is not on the problem, mind is somewhere in the clouds! 

You did become very powerful, you think – look around you, look how much is there to become! 

You did become very important – you think, stand before mirror and remember – no one is untouchable, no one is irreplaceable! 

When you know that upper line of text, do not fear for your position, do not get pretentious, don’t fantasize about your self and the entire commodity you have now! Now you have them, enjoy that, and do your work best you can, now you don’t have them, so what, it is not end of the world, get by and again do your work best you can! 

When you are the best in something then you are the best and there is no one who could change that! So don’t worry, you know your value and this has to be enough for you! 

Please notice, Martial Arts are miracle, Street Wisdom is a miracle, when you did get here and you are a miracle, but careful, vanity gets bad luck and unhappiness! 

Why do I glorify Martial Arts and Street Wisdom, because only in this wisdom you will find a whole development of human beings, and you can not compare it with nothing, and you can not achieve this with any other way? 

What ever you get in your life, stay normal, stay with the people, do not glorify yourself in to the sky, you might get easily fall down and hard! Don’t barge about your skills, knowledge or opinions, remember, there is always someone stronger, faster, smarter, and your head could get easily hurt! 

Try to avoid constant explanation of your opinions and thoughts! Others can know about that lot more!

The questions
Street Wisdom is the one that asking questions. 

Questions: How wise you are? How fast you are? How strong you are? How endurable you are? How explosive you are? How good is your technique? How great is your understanding of things, events and humans? How good man you are? How strong is your energy? How much enlightened you are? How great your love is? 

Sit at some quiet place, close your eyes, breathe deep and correct, meditate on this questions, grasp the answer, but do know that you always can be even better, so never give up, constantly move to the perfection without ending, never give up! 

Always ask yourself: Can I do this better than till now? Especially ask yourself that in your family affairs! 

Am I good is the real question, not do I look good! You look great, but good is there jet to become! 

What is good? To me; good is five bottles of beer, bottle of whiskey! No, no, to me; good is to get over eat every night, to me is to cheat on my wife, to me wild driving, to me violence upon others, to me destroying of everything, to me lying down whole days! If it is your good, then my friend you are not good! 

What is no good, what is bad? Look at the previous thought! 

What can I do for you? How can I help you? Those are magical questions, very magical, and only very powerful people can put them, of course if they are honest! 

What is this? Let’s go to explore, to perfect this! Question with an idea of progress is ultimate question! 

When you want to ask something, wait for right moment, do not rush forward because answer might get obvious and it might be just shown to you! 

Sometimes you just have to pop the question, because nothing is clear to you and it will not be if you don ask, then ask, ask clearly and meaningfully! Always know what you want to ask! 

Question that you should always ask yourself is: „Am I wrong in this or about this? If you did wrong, do not ignore your mistake that is way of hoodlums. Admit to yourself that you are wrong, to another person you have to say: “IM SORRY – MY MISTAKE! “ 

By admitting your own mistakes, not turning them on to the others you practices honesty of street wisdom! 

If you did wrong toward other human beings unintentionally, by accident, honestly ask for forgiveness, be noble, apologize your self! That is way to open doors of heaven! 

By ignoring other human beings in any case, especially when you are guilty for something to them, is the same as the criminal act, this destroys human dignity! 

But please do not go down the street and yell: “I m sorry, sorry this, sorry that!” If you are wrong admit that to yourself and others, and honestly work on correction of the mistake, but you have to do it immediately, not later, not tomorrow, you have to do it now!

Skills and Art
Street wisdom is Art and Craft 

All of the arts and crafts are the best, so why then a IS (Instinctive Self-defense)! Because, Instinctive Self Defense is also the best!

Styles – if there are peoples with 4 arms and 4 legs or something similar, then we would certainly have a different style of anything! All of that is a same thing packed in a different way!

To compare yourself or yours with others is totally unnecessary stupidity! Just practice, smart, hard, honestly and don’t worry, you are better than any one else!

Art of practicing and living is Martial Art!

Great skill is shown and executed without great strain!

Martial Art is all encompassing, so there is no secret for Martial artist! Way to this is long and hard, so many discard this way!

Skill and Art are intervening trough movements and inner quality of a person! Outer manifestation of this is visual only in action! When you go in to the action, any action, your craft become visible, your art become visible, it is clear then to see do you possess any craft and art or not!

To pass knowledge from Martial Art in to the life, you have to become Artist of Life! That’s a good catch and it always work!

Interesting is that a very small number of persons is going to be a Martial Artist, and very lots of people are to become a practitioners of Martial Arts!
To become a skilful and artist, you have to do only a one multiplied simple thing – PRACTICE, but practice longer, harder, stronger, smarter and willingly than it is usual!

I watched yesterday an old man from Korea, old Master, he has 70, and he is faster then I, more agile than I, he did throws, joint locks and turns for full 10 minutes without rest, without fatigue, that’s a Martial Artist! Great skill is coming without great strain!

When I move, it has to be as the lightning’s are ripping the sky and the wind tearing apart, when I stop, it has to be as the mountain is stopped, when I look, it has to be as the tiger is looking at you, when I am not in the action it has to be as that I am a little kitten!

Craft and Art of moving down the street is also important! Martial Artist is always aware of everything, and common people are totally unaware!

Unconscious movement, secret of the Art is! How to attain it? Millions of repetitions are guardians of that secret!

To Help
Street Wisdom is help to those in need, to those in trouble! Street wisdom is here to protect and save!

Always help to everyone if you can, not because you must and not because you are supposed to, no, help because you want!

Man is lying at the street, everyone are going around him, how many times did you see or did this, how many, how many? Shame on everyone who is just walk by, he won’t eat you!

Think for a moment that you are that lying person, and everyone are walking by and no one helps, think for a moment that this is your child?!? It can be easily happened to you, so to make a difference always help, always!

When you are in the hurry, and someone near by is in the trouble, don’t justify yourself; I’m in hurry, someone else will help them/him/her! No it won’t, you are here and now and you have to act!

You, Here, Now and to help, on this the human lives are dependant! There is no greater greatness’ than saving someone’s life!

Do not ask for thanks and litanies, you don’t need that, help and go your way, too many prizes easily corrupt a man!

Once I saved a man from a certain death, he never did thank me, but I know, whenever he see me that he is honestly grateful! I see this by respect that he shows!

I live to help, help trough my work, my job, my skills, where ever I come I help, but that do not mean that I will dig dirt while you are watching! My help is that I will teach you how to do, how to live, how to act!
How Martial Artist can help? Sometimes I win a fight to defend a weak, many more times I teach people how to help themselves, how to help others!

This book is a part of my help; I want to learn you something good, something beautiful, and something that will work!

 It is hard for you, and you think that to others it is easy; you don’t care for others, eeeee, don’t do that! Play with me for a while, and it will be no hard for you anymore!

Every Day
You need a Street Wisdom every day.

Every day I am happy for every breath I make, for every step I take, and that is enough for me!

I do laugh every day and I’m happy, I laugh in me, laugh loudly, I radiate happiness, that is much better than be a grunt with an ulcer!

For every day I’m happy for my family, for my children and for my family, I m happy to their smallest movement and word!             

Every day I practice as a mad man, just that I could help others and to help myself! Off course hygiene is important to endeavor every day not once a week!

Every day I plan for tomorrow and further, every day I work on plans from yesterday and before! This gives me an efficiency and speed in life! Speed to resolve necessary problems and to have more time for family and practicing!

I am getting better every day, even for an inch, sometimes for a few feet’s. If it is not going well at the moment, do not despair, do something that you are good at and there you are. Do not despair, move yourself further and you are already better!

Every time I help to someone in something I am very happy about it! Not because of egoism, I m truly happy, don’t looking for reward or self proclamation, I love to help and go away, but I like to hang out with people to!
Every day I study wisdom, philosophy, history, sports science, martial arts materials, practice and perfect, but don’t worry, I do not do that all in a one day, hum, maybe sometimes, but mostly it is organized process by the days!

Yes, every day I get tired to, sometimes I don get rested to, but anyway I have energy and happiness for export, my ideas are pushing me not to lie around television!

Every day I wish good for all of mines and for all others!

Every day I think at least a little bit about my friends, my students, at least for a few moments a day, I care for them, even from a distance!


Street wisdom care for family!

Most important thing, happening and event in human life must be family and nothing else! Not a cool car, PC, notebook, bike, or house or boat, no, no and no, the most important above all else is family! Yeah I know it would be nice to place your family in above mentioned things!

The utmost important in your and in mine life are children’s! You do not have kids, doesn’t matter, you have to understand the children’s are most important and precious! Who does not comprehend this, is insane!

Children’s and family has to be always in best order! Yes I know, money is low, but money does not buy happiness, live smart and raise your children smart!

If happiness and love is in the family everything is easier, all difficulties are easily overcomes, by helping to each others! This is then strong family, strong family can help and to the others to! When there is no harmony in the family, thousand of problems are rising and solution is gone! Solution is simple, harmony!

Family disharmony is cancer for each family! Yes and I was many times angry at my parents, girlfriends, wife and they at me, but I developed an abilities of instant forgiveness and  accepting of others as they are, I don’t change anybody, by example I show what needed to be done so if they are smart they will change themselves!

There are broken families unfortunately, but do not despair people! Take the things in your own hands; make your own beautiful family, without quarrels and fights, just nicely, slowly with pure love and passion! Be warned it is not so easy and you will be disappointed sometimes butt you have to make the action!

Sometimes fathers demolished his families, harass them and molested them! Advice for everybody – he will not change, never he will not change, walk away from that kind of life and start over from the beginning!

Fear, protect yourself, arm yourself, and protect yourself, if attacked defend right in the instant with firmness and will to fight back, will to win at any cause! Never, never, never accept violence on you or your children! Never accept violence from no one! You fight with all means necessary and then call authority, do not get beat up again and again, fight back, fight smart, fight hard!

Sometimes women’s demolished their families, whether mothers, whether grandmothers, ants or some other women’s! Sometimes both parents molested their children’s, where ever you see this you have to protect the children’s immediately and call authority!

Children’s, dear precious children’s you have to know that that no one, never and in no place is allowed to hurt you, no one, no mothers, no fathers, no grandfathers, grandmothers, no uncles, no friends, no teachers or preachers, no one! If this is happening you run, run away and call police! Please do not stay and endure harassment because it will not stop it can be only harder!

The family is most important, and you should always stick together! We all have our own personal problems and goals, but, family together in good and bad; it is something beautiful, try it and you will see!

Personal goals are very much nearer with family support then without it, healthy family share successes and multiplied it for it members!

Honor your parents, grandparents, relatives, close ones and distant ones! In that way you will realize how big your family is, or how small your family is!

Social norms, politics, war, negative nationalism, all of this are the means of domination and ruling over the people and main disasters for the family!

Families are getting together, splitting apart, and making new ones, old families getting wider or smaller; those are the pulsars of the life! Your goal should be making of your own family, widen of your own family! That will give great power to every member of that kind of family!

You’re Way

Street wisdom nurture your way not my way, it is just a map to hidden treasure, but the way to that treasure you have to pas by yourself!

Every one of us has its own ideas but few of us actually use those ways in the real life! Why? Because you are fall in to the railway and you can’t get of! It isn’t worth it, I cant, I don’t have any money, and I can’t from thousand different reasons! Aaaaaaaaaaa, I have to scream when I hear and see all that! Firstly, all of us can not get a Nobel price, nor be Michael Jordan, but all of us and you to, can start with those little ideas that are 100% doable, little by little and there you have a lot of little on the bunch and that my friend is a lot!

You have your way and yours ideas, take advantage of your ideas, use your way! Do not copy someone else, don’t be zombie, be an original and leave some trail of your own, and do not go always by the well known tracks!

Get moving and work, little things, just don’t lay around under countless excuses, because then there is no difference between you and the corps in the morgue!

My way is not your way; your way is not my way! I like to study your way and thousands of others but from all of that again it will be born my way! It is so because every one of us is unique and special and that has to be embraced and used and not despised!

Everybody who is in effort, who give his maximum and more in everything is a pure original and not a copy! Why to be an original, because that you can enjoy life! If you copy all the time and watching on other people steps then you pass to see, fell, experience and enjoy in life!

We love this or that way, that is fundamental human problem! The way is not important! What is important: victory, happiness and healthy survival!

Everyone knows, but who knows the best – Nobody!  So study a lot, practice, learn, inspect, perfect and there will be only your way, the best way for you!

Do not put your way on to the others, if it is a good way it will be followed spontaneously, in the same manner you have to accept good ways from others and use them in your own way!

Good and Evil
Street wisdom makes great difference between good and evil!

 I dont  know exactly to define an evil, and I don’t want to! I think that defining evil will be too dangerous, but I know what evil is and what it done to the world! Evil is everything that makes pain or any kind of damage to the other living creature, things or some un-understandable manifestations!

But I can exactly define good! Good is fighting against evil in every forms, shapes, kinds and possibilities of existence! Yes fight! It is a few good peoples who fight against evil! People do not fight any more, they rather let them selves get caught by evil!

There are little evils and great evils! Great evils are war, crime, murder, torture, molesting, not reacting, violence, envy, meanness, jealousy, illness, greed, suffering, egoism of walking over others! Little evils are: laziness, bad habits, malicious thoughts, ugly manner, no respect, constant excuses, and so on! Start to eliminate these little evils and get going toward the big ones!

Good is when you are fighting against evil in any way! All of us can’t wage wars, but every one can put his own effort in! Look around yourself and go in to the action, any kind of action is better than no action! You mustn’t say: “That is not my business”, because it is very probably that evil will knock at your door some day, and then you will sing: “Why me, what did I done, help, but no one helps! “

My dear friends, evil are in attack all around the world, human evil! Look the news, but just for a while, wars, disasters, sickness, not giving information’s, dirty industrial profit campaigns that destroys forests, water, mountains, air, the politics of great forces and so called power countries!

Good is in a hiding these days, but it is here and it is wining! You just have to be careful, because what is a good to ones doesn’t have to be good too others! Universal good is only peace, nonviolence, happiness, health and normal safe life! That is equal good for everyone!

To fight for good is difficult even against little evils! This fight demands a personal sacrifice always! Fight against great evils sometimes demands the ultimate sacrifice! If you believe in something, than please believe that good will be always given back with good!

There are some people who just don’t realize that they are doing evil! It is so because they used to do evil for a many years as normal behavior, without punishment! This has to be stopped by any means and in any way necessary!

There are peoples who are passive and they do neither good nor evil! Passiveness in certain situations is evil, period! There is no discussion about it!

Fight for good, fight against evil is most important thing that every man, women and child has to embrace!

Good and evil must not exist in the harmony or balance! This then is politics, interest and deception! It can be only good! Yeah, I know that this is not possible, but look here: “Wherever I come, wherever I go, good has come and evil is destroyed! Look at life in that way!

Polite, humane, just, loyal, with respect – that is good, without that evil is easily spread!

Street wisdom respect religion and faith!

Everybody are very touchy regarding their religion and faith, some are so touchy that they kill peoples like flies in the name of faith! That kind of religion is no good; it is an evil! We must fight against that kind of evil! It is easiest way of manipulation over you people to interpret parts of religion and faith toward someone’s personal war, profit, and political agendas!

In street wisdom, faith in you is in the first place! All others faiths and religions come behind that, because if you do not take care about yourself, believe me, no one on this world will not take care of you to!

Honor all religions that make better human beings and all faiths that are fighting for universal good!

Extremism in faith and nationalism isn’t good, it maybe of help to someone’s personal and political upraises, but there is always evil behind that, waiting to take over!

By street wisdom believe in anything you want, no one stops you or judges you! Only thing that matter is that you are a good person and that’s all!

The truth is a god of free man; the truth is god of enlightenment man!

Be aware – millions of people – millions of religion interpretations!

There is just only one right link between man and religion: To be a good human being!
All right religions of the world have this link in common!

Believing and faith has to be personal and intimate! If you are truly dedicated to your religion you shall be in the same way dedicated to the martial art that you practices! If you are truly dedicated to your martial art in the same way you are truly dedicated to your religion!

My religion is my martial art! Martial arts from ordinary men make dedicated men, make holy man!
Evil peoples don’t have faith; they just use faith to rule in blood! Evil people are often masked behind religion, so that they easily can continue to do their evil plans!

You have to recognize those kind of people, when you do they should be stopped!

It seems that good people are getting hurt more than bad ones! It has to stop, we should, you should think for yourself! Don’t be like a sheep’s that are taken before wolfs!

I am often asked: “What you believe in?” I always answer: “In Martial Arts!” Why, you might ask? Well Ill tell you why!
Martial Arts gives me all the answers, it teaches me to respect and study others cultures, it teaches me tolerance and that in that way I value my own culture and my own ways even more!

Faith: on the street! Just remember what the teachings of your religion are: To help, do good, kindness, non-violence, justice, love, and honesty! You show all of that to people around you! But show with a measure, do not go around and kiss peoples, because you will end in mental institution!

Faith at the street: answer on attack, defend without hate, and defend with measurement!  Honor life of attacker, but value yours more! Do not retreat, never, your faith is on your side!

Faith at the street: help to those in need, defend with measure, defend with speed, defend with strength, defend with skills, and defend without hate!

Faith at the street: help to hurt ones, don’t go away, give help, call help, help and make sacrifice! That is faith!

Mother of Street Wisdom
Martial Art is all-around system of mental, spiritual and physical development of a human being but only by practicing mental, spiritual and physical techniques!

Martial Art is a way of utmost nobilities, enlightenment and holiness! Physical power is just outside easy to see manifestation of attained welfare for followers of Martial Arts Ways! Welfares are huge if you will endure enough on that way!

Martial Art is all good and nothing bad!

Martial Art is not a sport, not a skill, not a fight! Martial Art is science, spirituality, music, mystic, magic, religion, combativeness, intelligence, goodness, holiness, and enlightenment – all in one!

From parts of Martial Arts there you have it - street wisdom! It was formed from Martial Artist trough centuries of their existence!
True knowledge is passed like in the old times, from just one Martial Artist to another, regardless of today’s trends of mass productions and business!

Now days there are only few good men’s, there are few true Martial Artist! Sometimes you can find that kind of man near you, sometimes you discover his/her legacy and good deeds left behind them, in either case if you know what you seek, you will find!

Martial Artist is a person who follows all parts of Martial Arts without hesitation, truthfully and without excuses! Martial Artist is a person who in every second of his life applies all teachings of Martial Arts, thus creating a better world for everybody!

Martial Artist is the warrior from the beginning of this book, Martial Artist is a priest of Martial Arts, he is a philosopher; enlighten holly man and worst nightmare for all evil of this world!

Martial Art trough Martial Artist produce goodness, produce good peoples, produce street wisdom, produce universal human wisdom, produce an art of living, and produce perfection in imperfect world!

Yes, Yes, Yes, I believe in all of this, without any second thoughts, naïve and with all of my hart, body and soul!

Martial Artist doesn’t distance himself from technologies and from the other peoples! Technology: for further perfection, peoples: for learning!

 Martial artist is a true friend! But he is a special kind of a friend! To him you my not come just like that and spend his time! He is a real friend who will help you if you really need help, anytime, anyhow, anywhere! But you have to know that he is a man who treasures his own tranquility!

Mother of street wisdom is Martial Art and father is Martial Artist!

Street wisdom is Love!

Street wisdom and love; Hem, where is connection between this two! There is, there is! From outside: firm as mountain, from inside: soft as a cotton! In action fast and furious, but love has to guide this action!

Are you able to reveal your love? Love to your partner, love to your job, love to your country
If you are not able, you loose in life and in life battles!

Love at the street, you show when you help to those who need help! In that way you demonstrate love toward fellow human or animal, not only love for yourself!

Important love is love to ones country; this should be developed in all children and people! Not love in a nationalist ethnic way, but rather in a territorial way! Your country is beautiful and yours – so guard it in your hart no matter from were you come from!

Street wisdom is love! Love toward all and toward those what in the first sight do not deserve love! Acting from love, doesn’t always have to be gentle!

Sometimes, from love, you need to beat another man or people! Yes from love towards victims and attacker will not get killed from love toward life!

Love is guide of street wisdom, as an interpretation for map of life!

Do all of above, but you should not be naïve! Be careful, your love can be used for someone else affairs, be careful you might get seduced for evil causes, be careful not to close inside and turn yourself in to a man who is a stone and without feelings, that kind of person is bad to!

No fear, No bravery
In street wisdom there is no fear and courage!

An eye of the tiger!

What is fear? It is nothing else than common sense! I do not speak about pathological fear that is illness! For healthy human, fear is only common sense and courage is absence of common sense!

This fear and courage definition is not quite accurate, but in most life situation it is exactly so!

Fear is physiological trick of organism, to remove body from source of danger, this is not fear, and this is basic instinct and little later common sense!

Fear comes in to play when you start to think negative, fear come in to play when negative thinking prevails!

Physiologically looked; fear is trigger of human superhuman abilities or human disasters and destruction of life, all in the same time! Someone can in a split of second go to the superhuman side of fear to win, survive and prevail, and someone goes in to another side – disaster and get hurt or die!

Fight fear with knowledge and practice!

There are as many kinds of fear as is situations in which someone can get in, that means countless! But, you don’t afraid of countless things, nor you should! Do not be afraid of anything and of nobody! There is always solution, for every situation there is solution! But remember, sometimes this solution wont be painless!   

Bravery is when you move your fear to the side and jump in to the action despite of the danger! You move your fear weather by temporary losing your mind or by getting yourself in to the stupid state – nothing can touch me, any method is good as long as it works for you to win and prevail!

Sometime you have to become brave even if all odds are against you, because you can easily die otherwise!

Courage and insanity, bravery and madness they are very close pals!

What is what, fear, courage, this and that? Hem; all of these are only names, names given by the peoples who do not understand the real nature of the world, humans, actions and things!  All of these names are irrelevant, discard them, erase them and do not care for them!

Street wisdom and Martial Arts are your medicine against naming stupid things constructed to control you, so you have your weapon against fear and courage!

Honest true action is the only truth and victory above everything, action of mind, body and sprit in unity of Martial Artist!

There is no fear, no courage, only action!

To become Martial Artist you do not have to practice Martial Arts for decades, you just have to choose to not take any crap from no one anymore, that’s your first step!

Indomitable Spirit
Street wisdom is unbeatable spirit and honor!

Unbeatable spirit is shown trough the persistence and never backing down from right decisions! There is no giving up, no surrender, never, that is unbeatable spirit!

Think about that: today everything is measured by money, there are very few men with honor, and there are millions that will do everything for money!

So, how to keep your honor and earn money, easy, do not sell yourself for immoral causes!

At the street if you must, defend your honor with fists, in finance defend your honor with honesty!

Phony attacks on your honor do not require physical response, Verbal attacks, verbal insults, verbal hurting of reputation all of this do not require fists to start fighting, no, this require intellectual response! But when strong body is behind your intellectual response you will win any situation!

Only physical attack demands physical response, response with measure! With measure because you will not break someone legs for a slap!

Honor and reputation are ours to develop, all of our lives with the means of honest work and trough helping others! All of evil thong or people can do nothing to hurt our good deeds, because good deeds and good peoples talks for themselves!

There is no need to defend myself from attacks on my honor and reputation! I am honorable and stand up men, but I or you have to answer to any attack so that attacker can not go unpunished, because if he does, he will continue to attack and you and others!

You should always defend yourself from attacks, do not be silence, take your stand, and say your vision of things, so that the truth shut up the mouth of evil thong! If you are quiet you give evil space to grow and that is not an option!

Watch out, I told it before, false pride, false prejudice, and false honor hurting; all of this is out of the question! Get your grip; think about what is your real pride? Your family, children’s, love, integrity of your body, mind and spirit! What is your real honor? Your righteous actions and deeds! Who try to hurt that has to be stopped!

Never back down, when your goals are set, do not quit ever, that is unbeatable spirit!

In combat, when with firm determination, you determine to do that and that, there is no giving up anymore, and by using tactics, techniques and unbeatable spirit you do your thing! That is indomitable spirit in combat!

When you fight for your life, fight like tiger, firm, with deadly glow and determination! Fight with faith in your sure victory!

Everything is against you; this is as you see it, credits, debts, small wages, bad results, slow progress, bad business, weak results, weak health, and everything is against you! So fucking what! Realize that all of this is your fault! You are the one who do not live in reality; you are the one living outside of your own possibilities! Careful, this is trapping that wait for everybody! When this is going on you, do not despair, be firm, be the one with unbeatable spirit, analyze your situation and patiently work on the solution of the problem! Most important – never back up, never give up, this is unbeatable spirit!

Unbeatable spirit, honor, pride, all of this are qualities of true fighter, life fighter also of true Martial Artist! The question is: Are you’re the one?  Watch out, be fair to yourself? Are you? If you are not, do not worry! These kinds of people are so rare on planet earth, but while you have this book in you’re hands you are already at good path!


Street wisdom is correct speech, correct writing, correct expression, correct behavior, and correct thinking!

Thru warrior must always cultivate correctness of speaking! That means not to talk bad things, not to talk vulgarly, not to talk as a sissy, to talk nice and smart! That is lots harder than you think!

Correct speech is using of official language there where is needed!

Correct speech is using of local dialect there where is needed!

Correct speech is to be rude there where is needed!

Correct speech is hauling and yelling, calling names and cursing there where is needed!

Do not pretend to know all of local dialects or all feints of official language, listen, observe, and learn when you need to speak, speak. If you do not know ask and adapt yourself!
On the street while you are attacked, official literate speech is sign of weakness, not a good tactics unless if you are skilled as superhero!

If you are attacked, do not talk in high tones, yell, curse, swear, scream, go wild and become wild. Release your aggression verbally and physically, that is correct speech if you are attacked! Why? Tactics of emotion control, yours and of attackers! Tactics of intimidating the attacker! Tactics of attention diversion, tactics of fear control, tactics of fear induction! Tactics of speeding up of your body and mind!

It is weird but true, you can not answer on physical attack by being nice, spirit can be calm but at the same time you must and can yell, haul, be vulgar by attention, because you know that this will help in your victory!

After victory, most kind speech on the world, most fine gentleman at the world, dandy fine lady at the world!     

Correct writing developed creativity, mind and spirit of warrior!

Correct writing developed and show respect toward others and toward our own literacy and written word!  

Correct writing has to be studied and practiced all the time!

Incorrect writings from ignorance, smaller mistakes, they all can be tolerate, but incorrect writings because it is easier, it is sign of utmost disrespect of other human being to whom you are writing to!
Incorrect writing is expression of laziness, selfishness and ignorance! There is no place for this crape in street wisdom!

To develop your inner wisdom and spirit you need to write, correct literate writing, to write your thoughts, ideas, feelings, write and study, that is nice way!

Correct writing develop respect, respect is most important!

Correct behavior at the street, in the house, at work, among peoples, among animals! Every situations dictate different correct behavior! You don’t wave hands as crazy near danger dogs!

Correct behavior if you are attacked is counterattack or flees to safety! Incorrect behavior is trying to debate while physical attack is already begun!

Correct behavior is talking and calming down situation before attack, incorrect is when you lunch your attack without reason! To evaluate when to-do what to do it is difficult! Street wisdom helps here!

Always in harmony with situation, always by need, always different, no rules, always by the situation, that is correct behavior, not always the same way! Same tricks do not work always and everywhere!

Learn where and how to behave yourself! That is something that shall be learned, you can not know everything!  If you never been in the high mountain or fine theater you do not know what to do in either case! Learn and ask! You can yell and haul in High Mountain and can you do that in Broadway Theater! You can light a fire in the mountain, what about theater!

Behavior in the street wisdom way is interesting, once as a tiger, once as a kitten, once as a raging bull, once as a scientist, once as a philosopher, once as common folk, once as a hero, always according to situation, never the same, never by the rules!
Correct thinking stands behind everything that is right!

Correct thinking means that you do not have hidden negative thoughts toward others peoples!

Correct thinking stands behind correct speech, correct writing and correct behavior! All of that are borne from correct mind, correct thoughts!

Street wisdom is correct mind! 

Light and Life

Street wisdom is light and life!

Street wisdom carries light and life where ever someone is using it!

To respect life is ultimate goal, respect of all life! Isn’t that light?

When someone use street wisdom, light that he/she carries is priceless, that is light of good soul, light of good man, man that radiate happiness, enthusiasm and strength!

When peoples use street wisdom in their real life’s, not only in reading and thinking, light of goodness is here!

Light as symbol of all good, light as birth of new person, enlighten person, this is light that come with street wisdom!

To reduce human suffering, as much as possible is ultimate light of street wisdom! How? I told it before, I am not here to fight your battles, and I am here to teach you how to fight them by yourself and how to win!

Yes, for the difference from thousand of other peoples I can really do this, to teach you how to win! Only that journey is not easy!

In bad situations, difficult situations, stay calm, act and do not be passive! To take positive strong action is the light of street wisdom!

In combat, when you spear life to someone who deserves to die, you did open passage to heaven in you, for you and all around you!

In combat when you did not break the arm of attacker and you could easily do, that is light!

When you help to those ones in need without been asked or begged, this is the light of street wisdom!

Value life, yours and others, but value your more!

 To spare life in mortal combat is a deed that is worthy of saints, but watch out that you’re spared one; do not reward you with a bullet!

So, spare life, yes, but do not spare the body!


War is ultimate Evil!

When you can not avoid war, you have just one task, to survive with honor!

War is never warriors choice, to defend ones country yes, all other are political games with us peoples, like a pawn on the chess board!

You have to realize, that you are pawn of the others in the war, flash for cannons, expendable asset!

No one will honestly regret after you, except your family! But do not let that bother you, if you must get in war, then you are in war for your country, for its mountains, seas, rivers, lakes, forests, good peoples and our children, for them, that they stay safe and have all of that beauties for centuries to came! That is war for!

War is the greatest evil, greatest business for someone’s and fast funeral for someone’s!

You must always Endeavour that it is not fast funeral for you and that you are not evil of the war, to survive with honor!

In street wisdom there is no survival at all costs, no, no, no, either to survive with honor or to die with honor! To survive as coward, traitor or war criminal is no option! It is not easy, but street wizards are strong ones!

If you decide to do evil deeds, then you are not anymore at the pat of street wisdom, then you are at the path of evil and then you are my enemy!

Never ask for credit for your war time! Why? To live with honor, that’s why! Yo do not go to war for credits, condos, privileges or pensions, no, no, no, you war only for one reason – that no one can kill your – our children and people, and that’s all! When it is over, tuck your sleeves and work, earn for living, get by, earn and live life! Do not despair by doing nothing!

Do not expect understanding for your good deeds in war! War is not good!

Ultimate evil gets away millions of lives at our planet! War, to the whole world this word is just normal thing, until you personally get hit wit it!

Warrior, Martial Artist and man practitioner of street wisdom is never for war, but he is also utmost power in the war! Power of combativeness, power of honor, power of honesty, power of discipline, power of endurance, power of skills, power of knowledge, power of wisdom, power of goodness!

Only war that I conduct is war against myself, I lead those battles with joy and sometimes I win, sometimes I loose, but when I recover I am all over in the battle again!
For many peoples the getaway is option in the war, but not and for true street wisdom-errs! Where to run, what, are you crazy, to miss all that fun!

War bring ugly deaths, yes death can be a nice one!

Ugly death! When war criminals torture and kill, when people are hit with grenades and bullets, when peoples are blown away from mines, when children dies because of war, war generated hunger and diseases!

War bring and ugly life! Life without arms, legs, with shrapnel’s floating in the body, with problems in the mind, without parents, life without hope, life that goes to annihilation!

Nice death, no before time, without war, without diseases, without accidents, surrounded by the ones who love you!

Only power and might against all of that shits that I know is true Martial Art, total commitment to the Martial Arts defeats all of evils of this ours world!

All of your problems will be slowed if you honestly give your self into the Martial Arts, which is recipe that I recommend to all of you!

What is war? – Ultimate evil –

To win that evil you have to know it very well, but not to become it! If you can do that you will win every battle!

I can go on and on writing about war, but I don’t like that! For street wisdom war is ultimate evil, and it does not deserve to write about it any more!


Avoid physical confrontation whenever you can, if you can’t, than fight! 

Combat is not good; combat is not bad, that is that, except it just like that! 

Attacked at the street or somewhere else – win by becoming bad and go home! 
When you have to be bad, be bad, there is no other way; afterwards you will be good again! 
When you have to fight, fight dirty, dirtiest you can, cheat and smash down, afterwards you can again be a perfect gentleman! 

Do not worry about what will someone tell or think about you if you take action and fight like a beast! If you have that worry thoughts, you will easily get badly hurt! 

If you have entrance in to the attacker, go in and destroy him, hesitation will bring you pain, defeat and death! 

If you must fight, enjoy in it, do not panic, do not worry, take care, enjoy and win! 

If you are attacked do not frost yourself, do not wonder, and do not make stupid questions in your mind – how? What? Why? Who? Why me? And other rubbish, no, no! Evade, prevail, escape and attack the attacker as best as you know! 

Your attack has to be sudden, fearfully and very painful! Attacker has to wonder what happens to him, attacker has to be terrified in pain and horror! 

How to achieve such action, to attack back without fear and with efficiency? Nice, practice yourself as crazy, as fanatic, as best professional in the world, practice smart and real, and the best for you is to practice Instinctive Self Defense, there you have all the answers! 

When many beat one, you go to help, watch out for steel bars, knives, chains and so! Attackers are always armed, so you to arm yourself, and use those arms! 

Concrete, walls, asphalt all are very hard, harder than any man! Watch out for your arms, legs and body! Life is short, beat them with weapons and in to the walls! 

Honesty, in life, always, in fight NEVER! 

When you can avoid fight – avoid it, swallow your pride! 

Evaluation when to fight and when not to, is only yours, but beware that it is accurate or else peoples will get hurt without good reason! 

Attacker in combat is not a person, he, she, they, are-is just a system of targets to destroy at your disposal. After the fight they are persons to call them an ambulance! Bear that in mind always! 

Attack on your body and life; at life of you’re love ones! They want to kill, rape, torture, hey, that is no joke! You have to break bones, break every one of attackers, no matter how many, how dangerous they are, you have to crash them and survive! Always remember – target to destroy! 

How much is enough? This depends entirely on attacker-attackers! I do not know when is enough for them until let them trough my arms and legs, trough machinery of counterattacks! If they need more, they get more, but careful for not too much! 

By the law you can’t use greater force than attacker is using on you, you have to take care of that if you can! 

My motto is better under lock than under ground! In every situation, because lock up is for living people and I do not want go to graveyard jet! 

There are many peoples stronger than I am, there are many faster than I am, there are many more flexible, endurable, in better shape, younger, crazier, and more able than I am! I know all of that, but somehow I always win my fights! How’ Easy, I practice very hard and train to be smart and to outsmart! 

Nothing is impossible and scary, when you have to fight, fight and win, when you do not have to fight, don’t, and that’s all!

Street wisdom is practicing!

Goal of practicing of Martial Arts is: “To become better human beings and that’s all!” Believe me, right practice of Martial Arts enable you to become incredibly capable and good! Enables you to become better human, better person and man than you ever can possible imagine! The way to achieve all that is very simple! You just have to reach 1 000 000 liters of sweat produced in training!

Practice is pleasure,
Practice is mastership,
Practice is perfection,
Practice is freedom!

Practice not only with your body, practice your mind, because here we practice with body to develop a mind and we practice our mind to develop our body! If you go in just one direction, you will destroy one of that and newer will achieve total development neither of mind neither of body!

Practice is not just on physical training, everything that you do in your life can be practiced: your writing, your thinking, your driving, your working, your drawing, your crafting, your gardening, your communicating and so on, practice in that way and all doors will be open for you!

Practice of Martial Arts encompass everything, mind, body and spirit! Those three are united in one. United in: Better and more perfect human being, who knows, and who can! That’s why I glorify practicing!

Learning without practicing and repeating does not have any use because all learned will go to oblivion if it is not trained and repeated enough! You must constantly practice!

Practical application of knowledge depends only on level of training! Important is that all knowledge is correct, because if knowledge is wrong, you will get hurt using wrong and badly learned knowledge!

Habit of everyday practicing is best habit that you can have! Every day, little by little, no need for too much, too much can lead you to injuries!

Forced practice leads to injuries and than there is no continuity, where there is no continuity in learning there is no progress either!
Practice smart, to enlighten your mind, to noble your hart, to develop your soul and to empower your body!


Street wisdom and the street are like twins, for warrior there is no one without other!

I am walking by the street tracking everything, seeing everything, hearing everything, smell everything, and feel everything! Wherever I go I act in this manner!

Dark street, dark spaces for sure hide many dangerous but also and unexplored possibilities!

When you are coming to the car, yours, others, always remember the first saying from this chapter! When you drive, drive smart and safe, whatever you drive!

At the street, in the house, at the work, at vacation avoid confrontations, redirect aggression, yours and others, if they do not stop show them your teethes, but be careful, you might lose them!

If you loose some teeth, do not be mad, it is your entire fault, you were careless, and go to the dentist!

I am, I can – remember this whenever it is hard for you!

An eye for an eye, and what you going to do with someone eyes or teethes? Be smart!

You are important person – VIP, doesn’t matter, if you want to know the truth go between the people, Street always tells the truth!

Use your brain always, even when you sleep, sometimes sleep with one eye only and when you are wake, open your eyes on your back!

When someone asks you: “What, What you are looking at, whit bad intentions, feel free to tell him-her: “Your inner beauty!”

Concrete, walls, asphalt are very hard, harder than man!

Watch out your body, use environment, use weapons, and use everything!

If you pay attention just on one thing, matter or phenomenon, surprise will come from some other side!

Always have an ace in your sleeve!

Street attackers are never alone, remember this forever! Watch your back, line up attackers in one line!

Street is everything, everywhere you go, either by foot or by vehicle! Home is home, but and there you must be ready for everything!

Street is dangerous even in your own neighborhood and your street! Always be careful and do not relax too much! It is not only about attackers! Its about dogs, cars, trucks, trains, trams, everything of this is potential danger!

Remember this; whenever you are on the move outside from your home you are on the “street!”

There are peoples that consider the street as his own second or only home, and they think that they can do everything they want in that house of theirs! Avoid them if you can, show respect! If they do not want to let you be, show them that even a boss has a boss, but be sure that you are the boss of the bosses!

Street wisdom is not for weak souls, if you are weak soul, go despair over your self, but if there is an shred of strength in you, keep on reading this, you will became strong one!

Learn from others, learn fro yourself, always learn and never stop to learn!

Do not get angry at people that are always “right”, you can learn from them to, if nothing else, just that not to be always “right” toward others like them are!

Wisdom has different levels and all the people can not understand all the levels! So, give to everyone only as much as they can understand, no more, no les! No more, because you will just give them a headache, no less because they will easily get hurt in absence of knowledge! If level of given wisdom is not adequate the receiver will get hurt!

If you have an inspiration here and now, do it right away, otherwise idea will run away! Do not wait for good constellation of planets, there is no such thing, just does it!

Some one spend all his life without a scratch, without wetting their feet’s even when crossing a water, someone is always get hurt, hit, suffer seemingly without any reason! You have to find balance between activity and inactivity, either one by itself is not good, only balance will keep your head safe!

Find your balance!

When you loose balance, by accident or by external cause, regain it by your inner strength, skills and knowledge! Sometimes you have to deliberately loose your balance in order to win!

Honestly in life, yes in combat never!

Weapons are not dangerous, peoples are dangerous! Weapon is just peace of metal, wood or plastics lying there! You put it in use!

Most peoples of the world are big, big, big, fools! We all were sometimes big fools! Fools are curable, someone’s realize that by themselves, and other fools are curable only when they die!

If you’re tired, rest yourself, no matter how impossible that might be!

The greatest enemies – your own laziness – stand up and fight, the biggest enemy – your own nonbjectivitie – you’re lying to your self- by fine graduate way! Stop, now, stand up and fight! You will win I am sure in that!

When you can avoid fight, avoid it, swallow your pride!
Do not brag yourself with your skills, there is always someone stronger, better, faster and smarter who can easily smash your head!

Duels, competitions, stupidity for stupid ones, avoid confrontation, attack first, win at al cause!

Do you believe in magic? Try this magic word: PLEASE!
Do you believe in magic? Try this magic word: FORGIVE ME!
When magic words do not work, it is time for magic action!

It is wisdom to avoid fight and win, it is wisdom to fight and win, and well, what is better? Sometimes first, sometimes second!

Sometimes others are looking at me in wonder, I am smiling happy under attack, what to tell, I am laughing to human stupidity! It is better than anger, I will live longer, and they will live longer!

You do not want to see me mad, people get killed than!

Happiness and cheers every day, it is not impossible!
This demands just little more effort and concentration!

Evade, duck, redirect, always on the move, detach, attack under angle, stay on feet, footwork, watch you’re back, ignore pain, win, survive, no surrender, look, see, smell, feel, perceive, know before, do before, cheat, use tricks, use weapons, and win! This is tactics that has to be in every technique that you practice! That is wisdom in practicing!

Fun, joy, humor, all of this is the secret of healthy life and healthy training!

There is no absolute truth, just moment interpretations!
There are no final solutions, just moment solutions with some lasting!

To outsmart your opponent in every moment is secret of quick and efficient victory!

Do not deceive you’re love ones; it is a secret of happy life!


Darkness and death – every day companion of Street Wisdom!

 Life is precious, life is ultimate value, and life is the first wealth of mankind!

Darkness is always following us, me, you, all of us! It is always here, beside us, as a shadow, it newer detach from us!

Light and Darkness are part of one, Life and Death are the part of one, part of existence!

Life is all around us, clear and visional, in the same manner the death is all around us clear and visional, but we refuse to see it!

It is so because our everyday life is about living, life and lightness, we do not see that death is here with us just the same as this precious life of ours!

Death is nothing bad or wrong; death is bad and wrong only when it is caused by unnatural way!
As a true warrior you have to be preparing to die in every moment, every instance and with every breath you take! To die for your believes! Are you ready for that?

What are beliefs of us common peoples? Ill tell you what – our families, my family, your family and children of the world!

I am ready to die for my believes, I am ready to die for my loves!

What are common people believes? Ill tell you what; Family, children’s, peace, love, happiness!

Practitioner of Martial Arts meets death in everyday basis! If we want every technique of ours is deadly! Every of our action can be deadly! But we conquer darkness every day and we do not act deadly, we do not bring death, we celebrate life!

Yeas I practice killing in a thousand ways, I am so close to death and deadly actions, but I do not kill! This exercise creates powerful and righteous peoples!

Be aware, every of your actions have its light and darkness, life and death! Here comes in a big green fly, flying around your home, you kill it with the fly catcher or you force it out through the window using a peace of cloth, you get it?

You always choose for yourself what will you become, life or death, light or darkness! Sometime we kill to protect ourselves, various bugs, snakes, spiders, sometimes even and peoples! That is nothing wrong if there is no other way, absolutely any other way! But, there is almost always other way, almost always!

People kill people at all sides of the world, not just with wars and guns! Every day someone is getting killed by beatings, knifes, sticks, by cars, trams, trains, accidents, animals, by diseases, by human errors! All of this is constantly around us and with us, just as the births of newborns! Every day someone is getting born!

It can happened right know right there in your favorite street, coffee shop or anywhere else, in your nice home, that attacker come and force you to defend yourself, and force you that you can not respect his life in this moment because your life is threaten, you have to win to survive, sometimes that can killed your attacker!

It can be that ours most precious ones, our family find them self in terrific danger, than there is no thinking anymore, you save lives, if that cause death of attacker that is his own fault!

Sometimes way of the darkness is only way, no matter how society, law and politics will look upon it! All of those peoples from their secure chairs, if never been at the street between peoples do not have any idea about life and death!!

Everything dies, everybody dies, but this is not as horrible as everybody think! Death is part of life, look around you and realize: death is part of life, death is part of life!

Only thing that is no right is: „In human existence violence death is become a part of our lives, a bad habit that we are all use to, to watch it, to read about it, to joy about it, to make money out of it, that’s wrong!

If attacker makes you to take his life and you cant do anything different, than take it, but know this: However you turn it, the outcome will not be in your favor! The law has its own view, judges and lawyers their own, and you’re busted by that point of view! But still be happy because you are not the one at the graveyard, because you’re not one who bites the grass from below, before your turn, because you’re alive and you will be able to take care of your family in some way!

Do not get me wrong, no one has license to kill, neither am I telling you to go around and kill people!

Role of Street Wisdom here is just to make you consciousness at a rough way; death is here as much as life is! People do not understand that and do not look upon that in such way!

When someone dies, we all regret for him/her/them, and that’s ok, but death is part of life, that means that this person is not  disappeared from existence, all of them are here somewhere, in you, in us, at heaven, in some other world!

Living peoples can’t comprehend that! Because they do not have time, because they are always in rush and hurry, so when death come upon them or their ones, they are all shocked!

Street Wisdom says death is part of life; it is constantly here as life, so if death is something wrong, life is something wrong to!

Do not ask of me the solution of that riddle! Even if Ill tell you, you wont believe me! Seek your answers by yourself; seek through your life, not trough mine! I did help you enough, now you’re on your own!

Death is not a big deal, it is simplest choice, and it is easy to choose death! True warrior chooses life and all hardships that life brings upon him! Always in a harder way!
To commit a suicide that is darkness, that is easier, choice; do not even think about it. Stan up and fight, no surrender, there is always a solution. Do not stand still in one state of matter, one state of mind, you have to change yourself, evolve and develop!

You think that your problems are insolvable, no they are not, just start to deal with them by yourself, do not wait for others, because you will wait forever, but do not refuse help!

In Street Wisdom, by Street Wisdom suicide isn’t even slightest option. If you kill your self I want to kill you once more. You think that everyone will better without you! Where is my father? Where is my mother? Who deserve that? Fight and don’t shit!

Never wish death to anyone, no matter how bad he was, be careful, and because you wish might come true. Always wish to others life, there is hope for everyone. That is warrior victory over darkness, over evil.

Beyond life

Beyond life, beyond death, beyond Street Wisdom there is Universal Wisdom

To survive with honor, to live with honor, to die with honor! How to do this? For those first two I know, for the third one I don’t, because I will live forever!

I do not choose nor life nor death, I choose existence in all levels! Life and death are just names for something people do not understand! Existence is beyond that, I exist and I will always exist!

My spark of existence is not confine by my body, at the moment and here yes I am in my body, but as the universe is millions of years old, and I am millions of years old!

When you look any religion, in neither one, not even in your precious on, no one ever talk about destruction of existence! You will always exist, but it is upon your deeds to determine how and where!

We will always exist; only question for us is: How? Where? In which shape? Those are mysteries that we shall reveal!

Above life, above death there is ours all-around existence. We managed to slander it by outer material world and with human ugly actions against our world. That’s why just a few peoples can find a secret of eternal existence!

Very few people see the secret in their lives, because they pass to realize that life isn’t just in material. Secrets are not in yachts, fame and richness, secret is deep inside of us.

To reveal secret of eternal existence is a task for every true Martial Artist, for every follower of Street Wisdom.

Trough path of that discovery we become worthy of ultimate existence in our universe!

Yes, Yes, I know that is very hard to work in the field, office, workshop, butcheries, factory, to work all days and night under pressure of depts., loans, bosses, profit and then to be asked to reveal some secrets, but if that was possible for the people thousand of years before us, and believe me, they worked much more than we, it is possible for us to!

Do you know: What is a first step toward revealing greatest secrets of life and death? It is not some big philosophy, first step is to turn of that dammed television or DVD while you’re lying at your but in the cosines of your living room, and this friend is the first step!

Second step can be this book, but and it hasn’t. The thing is that you move yourself, to be self-aware and not hypnotized by outer sources!

I will hypnotize my self only to the ultimate beauty, but not for long, just as much as it takes for us to feel and change ours energies.
To reveal secret of eternal existence! Hem, this is very personal event and do not howl around about that, because you will easily end up in a crazy shirt! If you want to help someone buy him a book! If he is smart enough he/she will understand if they didn’t well, maybe some day they will. That is real help!

Think about this:” Everything is energy, you are energy, energy is indestructible, and it just changes shape!

Universal Wisdom

About someone that we know nothing, nothing we can tell, about something that we don t knows nothing, nothing we can state, so learn!

Life is here to live, not to look!

Always have an ace up in your sleeve!

Even the best people are not the best in everything!

Every man believes in what he likes!

If you pay attention just at one thing, event or happening, surprise will come from some other side!

Here we practice with body to build the mind. With mind we move our body, which means something!

People do not remember you in a way you truly are. No, they remember you in a way they see you and in a way they saw you in a past. Why? Because they do not know you!

It is very easy to wonder of and take wrong turns of the path, it is hard and long to go back on the path, but all of this is wrong. Right is only to wonder in harmony with nature!

Every frame, mould, pattern, shape, rule and law are binding and capturing freedom of skill, arts and life!

Martial Art is a way of truth and only truth!

Why this all happens to us? We are to blame for these ourselves. Think about that!

 Comprehend a “Tiger” this is hard; comprehend a “Dragon” even harder! Path of ultimate enlightenment is path of ultimate persistence!

I have to admit something: „I love, and I am scared!”

Strong in the body, happy by the spirit!

Body strong, spirit happy!

Watching others, suddenly I did realize: “I am happy!”

Propagate joy, love and honesty!

Man, be happy for the truth! Truth, what is it? It is nature!

Saint or Martial Artist, neither one, except little, small ordinary human!

Perfection can not exist in this our earth! If it can than it is earth itself!

But perfecting can exist in this ours earth, here, learn how:
I grew form earth to heaven, my daughter was born!
I grew from earth to the heaven, my soon was born. I’m that big!

You are not free until this moment: When you reach total freedom of expression!

If you want to learn or practice, learn, practice! If don’t want to learn and practice, beat that and learn, practice!

Happy and joyful in every moment of your own breath is secret of eternal happiness!

Love, fairytales, legends, elves, fairies, grandma stories, all of this is part of the world in which we have to believe in!

You can not understand all wise stuff right away, but when times come wisdom reveal itself in life!

True warrior doesn’t have ego, instead he has joyful, sharp, wide, agile universal spirit! I just hope that there still are those kinds of warriors!

If you disregard wisdom, Oooo!! You travel fast in to the world of stupidity. If you do not realize that, you live in world of stupidity!

You, You, it is time for you, time to begin, time to go on, time to endure, time to realize, time to use, time to become, it is time man, It is time!

Don’t be worried, just go in action!

Path of lightness is different for different people, whole world is different for different people, and realization of truth is different for different people!

One hundred men’s, one hundred views of the same thing!

Way of light is way of Martial Arts!

Martial Arts are like a universe, all-encompassing! When you realize that in every bone of your body, you will become Martial Artist!

To someone good, to someone bad, to everyone exactly what he needs in that moment!

Learn from the children’s, children’s are most important!

Never forget and you were a child, keep this child in yourself forever!

There are days when it is just necessary that you become a child!

A Thousand punches, thousand techniques, thousand cleverness, thousands tries, thousand kisses, Martial Artist do everything terrill!

You have to know when it is enough!

Do not worry what others think about you, it is not between you and them, it is between you and those one in which you believe!
Greatest treasures of the planet earth are not diamantes and oil, greatest treasures are children’s; shiniest diamante is happy family!

Study wisdom continuously, otherwise you will lose path, study wisdom constantly; otherwise you will easily get hurt!

Wisdom take care of you, wisdom guide you! Wisdom must be part of you, and you must become part of wisdom! In that way you will become enlightenment man.

Wisdom, Martial Art, Life and you! Harmony of it all opens the doors of all worlds and all secrets!

Once, I forget about wisdom, I become a wild man, my stupidity almost killed me, I almost die, but I survived and become much, much wiser!

Wisdom and I, wisdom and you, wisdom and them, thank you wisdom, we are a live and joyful!

Premature blossoming, premature deterioration!

Don’t climb on the tree that you can not climb! Gradually toward your goals!

Who is putted by god, some life is meant to him!

Watch out that no one ever will tell behind your back: “Ooo my friend!”

Remember this well: “Beside all wise words and tactics, you can always do something wrong!”

Constant study develops spiritual man, wise man!

Short term efforts in life bring only short term values and long term consequence!

Persistent ones are only rewarded ones!

Live right in everything, not only in your personal pleasures!

Laughs cure body and soul! So, smile always, sometime loud, strong, sometimes in yourself! Always smile!

To broaden your insights you must let others to express their opinions!

When life start to become difficult, stop, step aside for a while, observe sideways!

If you want to succeed, wish good, wish love, wish peace and wish strongly in color, smell, taste and feel: Those wishes will come true. Yes my friend, wishes come true, you just have to know how to wish!

Wish only positive, wish positive, positive thinking, positive mind, positive attitude, positive life, positive stands and positive body.

Always be happy, always joy, always peace, always welfare! In that way you will be free, and your wishes will come true!

My wish: Peace, Love, Happiness!

After a few years:”Paff, bum,” explosion and smoke arises all around, and what did I see; here he comes out of the mist of smoke, here comes a Solider. He comes to me and says: “Here I am again, I came here because I see that world needs me, my wisdom will help to all the people to become true warriors against evil on the planet!” The moment explosion went on, I knew that he is coming, the moment I saw the feature in the mist I knew it is him! 

Next thing that he said was: “The Solider is here again, to protect you and to teach you, to defend you from all evils of this world!” He asked me: “Do you write?” “Off course I write,” I answer. After he did read my manuscripts, he says to me: “You know, this is not bad, not bad at all, you should publish that to the whole world, because you did very good described the roots of my wisdom here, of universal wisdom, which will help everybody who read it!”

Lost of people ask me about Solider, Who is he? Where is he? What is he doing? And so on. The fact is that he is always there where weaker people need help, but no one can tell from where he comes, where he goes. He will be here at your place at the moment, he will help you in a split of second, and disappeared in the split of second to, that is his way. I just have fortune to be his friend but even I am his friend he comes and goes as he please, he stay sometimes with me, he teach me, I practice with him for a while and than he disappeared again. Who is he? He is secret, he is mystery, and at the moment he is among us.
I wish to all of you: peace, love, wealth and happiness. From my hart and soul to yours.
Gordon Enderson

Thought to remember:
We can be better; it is only on ourselves to ensure that!

Please pass this book on, pass it further trough world. In such way we will together help to ones in need.

Anyone in need of personal assistance from me can reach me at:

This book can be copied and multiplied by any means in existence and passed on trough world by any means, 
Author: Gordon Enderson.

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